This post is really corny

Tonight’s soundtrack:

This weekend was definitely night and day. Here was my Saturday: Wake up, watch the first two episodes of “Breaking Bad,” go to counseling, watch the rest of season one (for a total of seven episodes, if you’re counting at home), then hang out with friends. Up until I left for dinner at 6:15, it was the laziest I’d been in weeks.

(Speaking of “Breaking Bad,” I’m only one season in and am already counting it among my favorites. How did I go this long without watching? Maybe I should put my other hand in a lawn mower so I can stay home from work the next few weeks and binge on seasons 2-4. That’s pretty much how I got caught up on “Dexter.”)

But then Sunday happened. I was up at 6:45 a.m. for the hike. But you already read about that. I came home in the early afternoon and cleaned up for Steven and his girlfriend Lauren. An hour later,  they were on their way over to help me cross another item off the list.

30. Go through a corn maze

This shouldn’t even be on the list. It’s such a sad story. I worked for years as a clerk for the local newspaper. Every fall, I would get press releases about corn mazes around the area. I even wrote about the corn maze at Bi-Zi Farms in 2006.

And every fall, I would get so excited to finally try a corn maze myself. But it never happened. I never found two free hours over the span of two months in those five years. How sad is that?

So when this list cropped up (yuk yuk), I would not be denied. I would go through a corn maze.

Steven, Lauren and I headed to the Maize at the Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island. I was excited for this maze in particular, since it had been cut into the shape of the Portland Timbers logo. Not that you would notice such a thing in the maze itself. But, still.

The experience was so  much fun. I have no sense of direction, so I had fun getting lost, trying to figure out where to go and suggesting — often futilely — alternate routes. The mildly muddy conditions didn’t bother me; I was so caught up in figuring out the clues at the various check points, literally getting lost in the experience and cracking wise with my partners in crime. Besides, if you let a little mud bother you, you’re going to miss out on a lot.

We actually breezed through the first half of the maze — I don’t think we ever got lost — and asked each other — Really? That’s it? It’s that easy?

Um, no.

We got midway through the second half and were lost. Really lost. We took wrong turns, retraced our steps and explored the same routes we had traveled before. How we found the next check point, I’m not sure any of us really know. It really was sheer luck. But find it we did.

The final three check points were actually a bit of a letdown; the maze essentially ceased to be a maze at that point and turned into a pretty basic path back to the gate. No matter. Small potatoes. I had fun, we crossed the finish line, and I could finally say that I’d gone through a corn maze. As Johnny Drama might say, victory!

And another picture, just because:

75 days until the end of “Groundhog Day”


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