My Seattle Bucket List

As you have likely heard, I’m moving to Seattle this month. I’ve spent many nights and weekends in the Emerald City, and I have enjoyed much of what it has to offer. But there is still much about the city I’ve yet to explore. Here are the top five new experiences I’m excited to indulge in once I’m officially a Seattle resident.

05. See the Fremont Troll

In case you hadn’t heard, an 18-foot stone troll resides under the Fremont Bridge. Why a troll? Why that bridge? I do not know. I’m not sure I will find the answers under the bridge, but it can’t hurt to look.

04. See a Timbers-Sounders match at CenturyLink Field

I’ve seen the bitter rivalry unfold from within the cozy confines of the Timbers Army. But to root for the Timbers on the road, against their most hated opponent, would be a surreal experience. Rooting for the road team is always tenuous, but I’ve never done so with so much at stake or with so much hatred between the teams. Living in Seattle, I won’t have as many opportunities to cheer for the boys in green, so I’ll need to show my support whenever possible.

03. Canoe on Lake Washington

Little-known fact about me: I’ve long had an urge to canoe in whichever body of water is convenient at the moment. I haven’t gone in years, but it’s never far from my mind. I figure it’s time to follow that urge in Seattle. I won’t be far from the UW Waterfront Activities Center, which rents out canoes by the hour. Buying a six-pack and paddling around Lake Washington on a sunny Saturday? Sounds perfect to me.

02. Attend Bumbershoot

I’ve wanted to attend Bumbershoot every year for the past six or seven years. But it’s never happened for one reason or another. I reckon it’s time to end that streak now that I’ll live nearby. My 30th birthday might be the day after the festival ends, but I’m way less interested in celebrating than I am in seeing the Soul Rebels, Rebirth Brass Band, Jane’s Addiction, Passion Pit, Best Coast, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, Blitzen Trapper, and so on.

01. Head to the top of the Space Needle

I’ve been at the base of the iconic Space Needle many times. I’ve seen it while passing through town. But I’ve never seen the views from the top. I’ve heard the views aren’t actually all that great, that I’m not missing much, and that the Columbia Center Observation Deck is more impressive. But I would like to see for myself. It’s one of those quintessential Northwest rites of passage, and I would be remiss if I didn’t take the trip at least once.

So which experiences am I missing? Leave a comment or get in touch! I’ll have plenty of time and an itch to explore my new hometown!


8 responses to “My Seattle Bucket List

  1. Do the Columbia Tower from the Columbia Club (top floor). The observation deck cheats you out of a few stories. The Club is members and guests only, but it won’t take you long in town to rub elbows with members there.

    Do Taphouse Bar & Grill. 120 taps.

    Do NOT do Top Pot Doughnuts. All hype for nasty Safeway-esque doughnuts. We’ve been spoiled by Voodoo and Krispy Kreme down here.

    Ride the Ferry to Bremerton on a sunny day. Don’t disembark. There’s nothing to see in Bremerton. But the ride to and fro is wonderful. Take pics.

    You’ve probably already done this, but DICK’s!

    Take a picture of David Stern, Howard Shultz and Clay Bennet to Key Arena. Burn the pics and film it for YouTube.

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